OEM Laser Marker



  • Fully integrable in Customer Systems
  • LS-MaTriCS for laser source & galvanometer control
  • Standard Interface
  • Optional Customization of Interface
  • Optional HTML front pages for easy system operation


  • Human readable
  • Machine readable
  • All relevant types of codes (barcode, dot matrix, QR, etc.)
Technical Data


Laser Sources

  • 532nm or 1064nm
  • Solid State Laser Source (e.g. Fiber Laser)
  • Different Pulse Length

Optical Setup

  • Different Focusing Lenses (F-Theta, Telecentric)
  • Beam Expander
  • Adjustable Line width


Process Development

  • Definition of required parameters
  • Process optimization
  • Marking with state-of-the-art code types and fonts


  • Laser Source
  • Laser Power Supply
  • Housing with
    • Beam Guidance
    • Beam Expansion
  • Galvanometer Deflection System
  • Control Unit for Laser source and Galvanometer Scanner
  • Optional Control PC


  • Marking of different materials and geometries,
  • marking through or of foils and paint,
  • marking by colour change or ablation