LS laser trimmers automate, rationalize and optimize your trimming tasks. Our customized solutions with LS system modules offer the greatest possible flexibility for your application while optimizing costs. The spectrum ranges from OEM systems for integration into production lines to complete stand-alone systems with automated handling, electrical contracting and efficient measurement technology for thick-film, thin-film and PCB applications. All systems can be equipped with automatic parts loading and unloading.


The LS software works under on Windows 10 and enables the creation of complex programs with flowchart logic. Easy configurable interfaces allow for seamless integration of external systems as well as connecting to higher-level host computers. Parameter as well as configurable dialog boxes simplify programming and reduce programming time. A customer-specific user interface can be freely generated via HTML pages.

The software package includes a variety of options:

  • Process control in flowchart logic       
  • Real-time or step-by-step operation
  • Simulation and Debugging                         
  • Setup mode
  • Configurable displays
  • Simple integration into process lines
  • Image processing
  • Online documentation

The user programs are developed with the assistance of a flowcharts which contain a list of commands. While the program is being created, the software is already actively seeking missing program parts, such as specific parameter sets, and asks the user to make the appropriate corrections.

Image processing

In addition to edge detection and surface search, the integrated image processing also has an optional pattern recognition function. Optimized search algorithms guarantee short process times. Adjustable image data allow for optimal visualisation of the workpiece.

The position of the laser beam can be adjusted by transferring the coordinate system in the galvanometer scanner. The same applies to the positioning of the substrate, whereby in this case an X/Y/theta correction is performed via the motion stage. This results in an optimal positioning of the contact pads to the probe needles.

The coaxial illumination optimizes image processing with highly reflective materials, such as silicon or gold.


Each user program can be simulated by software which helps significantly during the programming process. All axis positions and laser cuts are displayed on the monitor as lines in a simulated processing field.

Databases, CAD connection

Auxiliary programs simplify the CAD connection and enable laser-adapted and individual fillings and hatching. The programs optimize vector graphics (HPGL, DXF) and raster graphics for laser processing. Freely programming of variables allows the connection to databases.

HTML interface for easy operation

In addition to the programming interface, the LS-MaTriCS software can also be runned in operator mode. If selected, a customer-specific HTML page is displayed instead of the flowchart. With this individual user interface, company logos as well as variable data can be displayed and actions can be started or data entered.